10 Interesting Tips to Avoid Overthinking

Don’t get too deep, it leads to overthinking, and overthinking leads to problems that even exist in the first place. Some over thinkers often spend their time thinking or ruminating about their past lives which makes them feel sad and depressed rather than solving their problem. Thus, they fall into the trap of becoming prone to mental illness which has an adverse impact on their quality of life. They usually attempt to read the minds of others, read every small detail, try to predict the future because they feel scared of the future. They may also end up wasting their time thinking about what they did yesterday or thinking in a critical or analytical way about how they look.

Consequently, they are not able to get quality sleep. Also, they’re unable to attain inner happiness in life. If one continuously focuses on deep thinking, it will become a habit and that person will face difficulty escaping from this habit. It will eventually ruin his or her life and make you feel like he or she is being stuck in one place. In case you are one of those, then I’ll discuss some points that may surely help you to get rid of the habit and fear of overthinking

  1. Talk to the Person You Are More Comfortable Talking With
  2. Keep Yourself Busy Doing Something Interesting
  3. Attack on the Root Cause
  4. Don’t be a Perfectionist
  5. Overcome your Fears
  6. Have Control Over Your Fears   
  7. Have the mindset that you cannot predict the future
  8. Be Thankful
  9. Be Conscious
  10. Substitute Your Thought
  11. Meditate Regularly

Talk to the Person You Are More Comfortable Talking With

Sometimes negative thoughts pop up in our minds and it becomes difficult to get rid of those thoughts. In this situation, you should share them with someone whom you find too close or with whom you are emotionally attached such as your friends, parents, or elders. This will surely relieve you of the stress and worry that you might be dealing with. By talking to others, we can get solutions from them to deal with that problem. Otherwise, we may end up overthinking for a longer period and make our minds feel frustrated.

Comfortable Talk - GetGoodLifeHacks

Keep Yourself Busy Doing Something Interesting

Try to keep yourself busy with things you find more interesting such as your favorite hobbies. This will keep your mind distracted from the thoughts that make you overthink and make you feel restless. However, even if certain thoughts strike, try to question yourself, Why am I thinking of these unnecessary thoughts? Why am I wasting my precious time with these thoughts?

Doing Something Interesting - GetGoodLifeHacks

Attack on the Root Cause

What we observe in this present world has filled our minds with negative thoughts such as newspapers, television, the internet, social media, and our friends. Hence, our mindset changes concerning the things we see around ourselves. So, first, focus or attack the root causes that have affected your way of thinking and try to overcome the negative thoughts.

You may get through or use these above-mentioned things in your everyday life. But you should know how to deal with these things in the right way. For example, always try to read the newspaper that provides the knowledge, you should mostly try to make limited use of social media and make friends that support you in every possible way.

Attack on the Root Cause - GetGoodLifeHacks

Don’t be a Perfectionist

If you want perfection in your life, you can’t be satisfied until you are not satisfied with the inside. Stop thinking about 10/10 scores in everything. This will lead you to overthink and eventually it will elevate your stress level.

If you are a perfectionist, you need to understand, it’s the nature of life that nothing is perfect in the world. It’s a normal thing to commit errors. Even the kings who used to rule vast kingdoms were not perfect. Then how can you expect yourself to be perfect since nothing is perfect in the world?

Don’t be a Perfectionist - GetGoodLifeHacks

Overcome your Fears

You should overcome your fears. Stop overthinking that you will fail in the work you may try for the very first time. Sometimes, you might have failed in your first attempt. You might fear trying the thing again by overthinking that you may fail again on your second attempt. But in this life, the things that do not work on the first attempt, it doesn’t mean that they won’t work in the future.

Control Over Your Fears - GetGoodLifeHacks

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Have Control Over Your Fears      

Try to overcome the fears that you have by addressing those fears because it makes us overthink and eventually prevents us from growing. First, think about what scares you? Most of the common fears that we mostly have are the fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, fear rejection, or any criticism, fear of the loss of love, fear of risk. Some individuals fear public speaking as well.

Learning how to have control over our fears can be an uphill struggle for everyone. But, think logically that all fears are learned, we are not born with all the fears. One can overcome the fears by constantly practicing self-discipline regarding fear until it goes away. You should keep in mind that every opportunity is a new starting, we cannot compare it with our past experiences.

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Have the mindset that you cannot predict the future

You might be aware of the fact that one cannot predict the future. So, why worry about it? If you are worried about the future, you are wasting your precious moment, which is your present life. Just spending your precious time in your future is not truly rewarding and productive, right? Spend that time on the things that make you feel happy.

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Be Thankful

You cannot simultaneously have thankful and regretful thoughts. So, why not spend that time in a meaningful and right way? Every day make a list of the things you are thankful for. Get a gratitude mate and switch the lists with him or her. So, you can observe the good things that surround you.

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Be Conscious

Before you want to solve the problems to deal with the habit of overthinking. You should first need to learn to be conscious of what is happening all around in the present. If you have gone through any bad experiences in the past, it’s better to forget those and focus on the present life. 

Bad experiences only give pain. By focusing on them, we are not able to grow in life and end up worsening our present life. Try to live in the present and move on instead of recalling the flashbacks in the mind of worse experiences in life.

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Substitute Your Thought

To avoid overthinking, substitute the thought. If you tell yourself to not have specific thought, it’s not the way that you will not have any thought, you need to substitute the thought. If you are thinking about one of your past bad experiences, substitute it by visualizing the truly remarkable thought that you like the most. It will eventually help you escape those bad thoughts from your mind.

In other words, replace the picture in your mind of the negative thought that you might be thinking with a good thought. By doing this, you can easily stop overthinking.

Substitute your Thoughts - GetGoodLifeHacks

Meditate Regularly

Make it a point to meditate regularly for 30 minutes when you wake up. If you can’t meditate for 30 minutes, at least try to meditate for 5 minutes. You can also try yoga, deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, to relieve yourself from all sorts of tensions and worries.

Meditation can alter the biochemistry of the brain and help people retain the way their brains and body reacts to stress. It enables you to shift the way the brain reacts, so if you get proficient at it, you are in control. By daily practicing meditation, you will be able to avoid the habit of overthinking quite easily

Meditate Regularly - GetGoodLifeHacks

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